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  • Surgical/Medical Wards
    As one of the key medical facilities in the region, general surgical procedures across a broad spectrum are performed in our modern theatres which are comprehensively equipped and staffed. Additionally, a growing range of specialist surgeries such as eye cataract, ENT, Maxillo facial, orthopaedics and urology are also performed.

  • Theatres/Procedure Room
    All of the operating rooms are located on the ground floor of the building. MooiMed Private Hospital has 2 fully equipped theatres. 1 Minor Theatre/Procedure Room

  • ICU/High Care
    Our highly skilled staff members are able to handle any situation at any given time and to give the patient the best care possible. A staff member of the nursing team cares for each patient, day and night, and will gladly answer all your questions where possible.

  • Administration
    What do I need to do if I am a Medical Aid patient?
    Hospital tariffs are charged according to a scale of benefits. Some medical aid funds require their members to pay a co-payment.

    Please be aware of this so that payment thereof can be made by you on admission. Arrange with your medical aid for a medical aid authorisation number regarding your hospitalization. Ensure you contact your medical aid for a procedural authorization at least 72 hours prior to admission. No admission without prior authorization will be allowed.

    • What costs will be covered?
    • What length of stay is covered?
    • Which maximum benefits or exclusions will be applicable and

    • What benefit restrictions regarding prosthesis and instrumentation apply?

    • Whether a motivational letter is required by them for the particular procedure you are about to undergo. This letter must be obtained from your doctor, prior to admission. If you are experiencing any problem with your medical aid regarding the authorisation number, tariff codes or costs, please contact the MooiMed Hospital Reception on (018) 293 0802.

    What do I need to do if I am a Private patient?
    Before admission private patients must discuss the total estimated cost of the hospital stay with their doctor and the MooiMed Private Hospitals Accounts Department on (018) 293 0802. You will be expected to pay a deposit upon admission, with settlement of balance upon discharge. Payment options include EFT at Hospital, credit/debit cards, cheques or cash.

    Once admitted, an update of your account will be communicated to you should a shortfall occur. A further deposit may be required for extended length of stay. You will be required to settle the balance upon discharge from hospital.

  • Pharmacy
    o All patient medication, related to the admission, will be issued from the pharmacy. Trading hours Monday to Friday 08:00 17:00


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