Admission Protocol


The following protocol must be adhered to during admission at MooiMed Private Hospital:

  • Admission form must be completed in full. A new admission form must be completed for each separate admission.

  • Medical aid card and ID-document of the main member must be available during admission.

  • Valid authorization number must be obtained prior to admission. No admission to theatre without medical aid authorization.

  • It is the responsibility of the member to contact their medical aid to enquire as to the limits applicable and available for the procedure (prosthesis, take home medication, etc.) Please obtain the cost for all implants from the attending doctor to ensure the medical aid will cover the cost.

  • Minor patients must be accompanied by one/both parents, or the court appointed legal guardian. In case of guardian, legal documentation must be supplied.

  • If a parent/guardian is not able to accompany the patient, a certified copy of the parent/guardian’s ID-document, as well as a certified letter of permission for the relevant stated procedure to be performed must be supplied upon admission. A standard form for completion prior to admission is available upon request.

  • Informed consent for the applicable procedure must be signed for by the member during admission into the wards.

  • Private patients must pay a deposit upon admission. The payment may be made via EFT, cheque, cash or debit/credit card. Please contact the Administration department to enquire as to the applicable tariff. The account must be settled in full upon discharge.

  • All co-payments and deductibles relevant to applicable medical aids, must be settled upon admission.

  • Please check with your medical aid that MooiMed Private Hospital is regarded as a service provider to your medical aid – specifically the relevant plan on which the membership is based.

  • All x-rays and reports must be available upon admission, for the perusal of the attending doctor – especially for orthopedic and dental procedures.


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