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Discharge Protocol

The following protocol must be adhered to prior to leaving the facility of MooiMed Private Hospital:
  • Patients must arrange alternative means of transport after recovery, as no patient will be allowed to drive him/herself home after receiving general anesthesia during a theatre procedure.
  • Patients - or in case of a minor, the parent/guardian – must sign consent to discharge at the nurses bay prior to leaving the ward area.
  • It is the responsibility of the member/patient to ensure ownership of all personal belongings, xrays, prescription, sick note, etc. upon discharge.
  • Private patients will not be discharged before the hospital account is settled in full.
If a copy of the hospital account is needed, the member must request so at the Reception Area before discharge. The means of delivery must also be stated and telephonic enquiry must be made in the event that no copy was received.