Management and Directors

Board of Directors:
Chairman : Dr. S. Hattingh, Director: Dr. G.J.A. Beetge, Director: Dr. J.P. Botha, Director: Dr. T.S. Janson, Director: Dr. S.J.J. Pretorius

Hospital Manager: Mrs. S.C.  van Reenen, Nursing Services Manager: Sr. A. Oosthuizen, Operational Manager: Mrs. N. Bosman, Theatre Unit Manager: Sr. A. Bosman, Pharmacy Manager: Mrs. C. Kotzé

Kindly contact any member of management via our switchboard – 018 293 0802.  Please note that a manager is available for after-hours emergencies.

Dr. S. Hattingh

Dr. G.J.A. Beetge

Dr. J.P. Botha

Dr. T.S. Janson

Dr. S.J.J. Pretorius

Mrs. S.C. van Reenen

Sr. A. Oosthuizen

Mrs. N. Bosman

Sr. A. Bosman

Mrs. C. Kotzé

Board of Directors