Management and Directors

Board of Directors:
Chairman : Prof. T. du Plessis, Director: Dr. G.J.A. Beetge, Director: Dr. J.P. Botha, Director: Dr. T.S. Janson, Director: Dr. P.J. Beukes

Hospital Manager: Mrs. S.C.  van Reenen, Nursing Services Manager: Sr. A. Oosthuizen, Operational Manager: Mrs. N. Bosman,  Pharmacy Manager: Mrs. C. Kotzé, Technical Manager: Mr. C. Moss

Kindly contact any member of management via our switchboard – 018 293 0802.  Please note that a manager is available for after-hours emergencies.

Prof. T. du Plessis

Dr. G.J.A. Beetge

Dr. J.P. Botha

Dr. T.S. Janson

Dr. P.J. Beukes

Mrs. S.C. van Reenen

Sr. A. Oosthuizen

Mrs. N. Bosman

Mrs. M Eloff

Mr. C Moss

Board of Directors